A Few of My Favorite Things…..

I am REALLY bad at this blogging thing. Over the past month or so, my mind has reached a point where if I’m not actually at school, prepping for Match, or studying for the LSAT, then I’m wasting time (yes, even sleep is seen as “wasted time” in my deluded state of mind during this time period).

However, I’m currently in hour 3 of my 4-hour layover at the Detroit airport, and realized that I NEED A MENTAL BREAK. Yes, I had 5 days at home (which were absolutely lovely), but I spent about 40% of that time actually studying and the other 60% feeling slightly guilty for not studying. So, I’m taking this half-hour to think about nice things and share them with you all on this blog. Besides, do you really want to hear about the LSAT on this blog? No, you don’t. 🙂

I was inspired by the upcoming live performance of The Sound of Music this Thursday on NBC (words cannot describe how EXCITED I am for this!!) and decided to write a post on my recent favorite things. Yes, it is true that the best things in life aren’t actually things (family, friends, life, etc.) but I’m getting a little materialistic right now. 😉 So, introducing….my favorite things from October/November/December! (Disclaimer: all opinions are my own! No endorsements [although extra money is always nice ;)].)

1. In the spirit of the holiday season….I give you my favorite sentimental Christmas video. I fell in love with Jimmy Fallon’s show a few years ago, and I especially loved his edition of “Call Me Maybe” with Carly Rae Jepsen, the band, and the classroom instruments. It also tugs at my personal heartstrings because I saw this video not even a week after the shooting in Newtown. When those kids popped up singing, I lost it. It still gives me chills when I watch it, but I love it. 🙂
……and my favorite funny video. 🙂 Jimmy Kimmel is known for his hysterical tactics, and last year his inaugural challenge to parents, called: “I Gave My Kids A Terrible Christmas Present” presented his audience with some priceless and HYSTERICAL moments. A few of my favorite quotes: “I got PONIES?!”; “Oh look, you got a Mr. Potato Head!” Classic.

2. 8Tracks. I had heard of people using the app before, but it wasn’t until my roommate and I started listening to some 8Track playlists of mashups while getting ready for school (shoutout to Ali!) that I fell in love. Seriously–for FREE, you get these amazing playlists for almost any event/situation you find yourself in at the time. There’s even one called “LSAT PumpUP” that I listen to on the way to and from studying! Seriously–you all should try it out. There are some stellar Christmas mixes on there, and my current obsession is one that is exclusively songs from “Catching Fire” (shoutout to Lauren, another one of my roommates, for telling me about this!)

3. Old Navy’s “Honeycomb” Infinity Scarves. Y’all. I AM IN LOVE. I’ve received so many compliments for the one that I bought last month, and it amazes me how warm it is! I wear it with almost everything, and I got it on sale for $15! They usually run around $20, but they are WORTH IT. They have them in almost every color, and I have my eye on the pink one…but seriously, buy yourself one if you find yourself in colder-than-normal weather. I plan on buying one or two more of these!

4. New York & Company’s Ballet Shoe flats. Hands down the comfiest flats I have ever owned. No blisters or bruises! They go with everything I own (I have them in black), and I am on the verge of wearing them out. I plan on buying another pair (if I can find them! They go so quickly at the store!) and I highly recommend that you check them out if you are on the look for a pair of black flats. I’m going to be heartbroken if I can’t find another pair!

5. All of those cheesy “Things I learned in my 20s” posts. I know, I know: they’re cheesy. Sometimes a little too unrealistic. However, I saw this one  and had to share. Although they are short and sweet, I am a firm believer of many of them. It’s nice to have that perspective roaming around the Internet, especially during the craziness that has been, is, and will be my 20’s. It’s always nice having those little doses of optimism. 🙂

6. Flipboard. Another shoutout to Ali for this one! It’s a FREE app (aren’t those the best?!) that basically combines every single major news source and presents the top news to you in a neat, magazine-like fashion. A lot of my housemates now have it, because it is an AMAZING and super easy way to stay in-the-know on what’s going on in the world. Download it today and give it a try!

7. The old Star Wars movies (and even the newer ones). With the exception of the “newer” Episode 2 (which was a complete snorefest and just had icky acting), I’ve renewed my love for these films. They had a marathon of these films going on over Thanksgiving Break, and I was able to catch The Empire Strikes Back (the best one, in my opinion) and Revenge of the Sith. I am a secret Star Wars nerd and I am not ashamed about it in the least. Plus…..Harrison Ford in the 1970s. OMGoodness, what a beautiful man. My brothers and I already have plans to try and watch all 6 films in one sitting (we’ll see how that goes….we probably won’t make it past 3. Maybe we can split this to two days.)

8. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I am convinced that every single woman (and man too!) should read this book. I’m only about halfway finished, but this book is incredibly eye-opening and puts a modern positivity back into the word “feminist.” Another thanks to Lauren for this recommendation!

9. Belk’s Erica Lyons “Bauble” necklaces. I bought myself the white one on Black Friday (hello, 60% off sales!) and I am IN LOVE. I know that this trend may disappear anytime, but I’m holding on to it while I can. The white necklace goes with everything, and I am putting the turquoise one on my Christmas list. Hooray for great-priced jewelry!!

10. My bosses and they atmosphere they create at my job. I know I tried to stick with materialistic things….but this had to make my list. Let me tell a story: last week, my co-workers and I came together for a Thanksgiving dinner. Three of us volunteered to cook the turkeys (including myself) and we took the challenge. Fast forward to the evening of the dinner, and we optimistically bring our turkeys the school, excited to eat them. The executive director at our school (basically, my boss’s boss) pulls me out of the room to tell me something. The turkey was undercooked. All of them were. 

She could have easily freaked out and gotten upset with me. She could have brushed it off and been passive aggressive….but no. Basically, she starts her conversation with: “Our turkeys, like our students, have VERY persevering mentalities. Unfortunately, in this situation, this prevented them from being cooked.” I looked for any sense of disappointment or frustation, but there wasn’t any. It was genuine positivity and understanding. As I apologized to all of my “bosses”, they treated me the same way. I know that it’s a trivial example, but this is just a small window into the kind of environment that I have been blessed to work in this year. An environment build on positivity, progress, and genuine support.

And with that, I need to get some food before my last flight of the day! It’s been a long travel day, but I am excited to be back in my apartment soon and get ready to see my students tomorrow. As with the LSAT on Saturday…..I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Lots of love,


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